PoSH Act 2013

A Decade of Progress: Navigating the Impact of the PoSH Act 2013

Introduction: As we commemorate the 11th year of the PoSH Act 2013, it’s crucial to reflect on its progress. Over the years, the Act has contributed significantly to creating safer workplaces by addressing and preventing sexual harassment. Through increased awareness, implementation, and enforcement, we continue to strive towards fostering inclusive and respectful work environments for […]

Internal Complaints Committee Guidelines as oer PoSH Act 2013

Navigating Workplace Respect: A Guide to Internal Complaints Committee Guidelines

In recent years, workplace environments have been steadily evolving to become more inclusive, respectful, and safer for all employees. To ensure this transformation, various guidelines and regulations have been put in place. Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) guidelines are essential for maintaining a safe and harassment-free workplace. These guidelines are not just for HR professionals,they are […]

Gender Sensitivity blog by PoSHHelp team

Promoting Gender Equality at the Workplace through the PoSH Act

The Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Act is a landmark legislation in India aimed at creating safe and inclusive work environments for women. While its primary goal is to prevent sexual harassment, the implementation of this act goes beyond addressing immediate concerns. When effectively applied, the POSH Act can significantly contribute to promoting gender equity […]

What is External Member on ICC?

External Member on the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

It is important to understand the concept of an External Member on PoSH ICC. In India, the PoSH Act 2013 (Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace) mandates that an ICC be constituted in workplaces where there are 10 or more employees, to redress the complaints of sexual harassment. The ICC must have a […]

Internal Committee (IC)

The Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Act provides a legal framework for addressing workplace sexual harassment.
The act establishes that each workplace must have an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC). ICC is now called as IC. This committee must have 50% representation of women.

Internal Committee (IC)

SHe-Box for all women in India

The Government of India enacted the PoSH Act, 2013, with the goal of creating a safe workplace for women. Full form of PoSH is Prevention of Women from Sexual Harassment at Workplace. The act encompasses all aspects of the subject at hand, such as Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal. It gives women the mechanism to report […]