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  • Leading PoSH service provider in India
  • Understand POSH Act and your obligations as an employer
  • 25000 + employees sensitized
  • 3000 ICC Members trained
  • 100 + Corporate clients
  • PoSH interactive Offline and Online Training programs
  • PoSH trainings for employees / ICC Members / HR / Senior Management
  • Employee Sensitisation Module in English and Hindi
  • IC training at Basic and Advance levels

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About POSHHelp

  • POSHHELP is an offshoot of Spherule Foundation, a NGO working across India.
  • Under POSHHelp initiatives, our primary focus is on Prevention, Precaution and Redressal of Sexual harassment at work place under POSH ACT 2013, Company Policies and Compliances.
  • We are India’s first NGO, giving an end to end solution to implement POSH, not just acting as external members of the IC committee.
  • Our work at grassroots level for women empowerment and sexual harassment awareness gives us expertise in dealing with complaints related to Sexual harassment, identifying false and inappropriate cases.
  • We ensure fairness, neutrality and take the right steps for implementation of POSH policy.
  • PoSHHelp is a leading NGO in India that provides comprehensive services to help companies implement the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH Act) in the workplace.
  • Our mission is to promote gender sensitivity and awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace by providing education and assistance to companies in terms of compliance as well.
  • With our expertise in dealing with complaints related to sexual harassment and in identifying false and inappropriate cases, we strive to ensure fairness and neutrality in the implementation of POSH policies to prevent sexual harassment in workplace.
  • We have received numerous awards and accolades for our work in promoting women's empowerment and awareness of prevention of sexual harassment at work.

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Key People in PoSH Team

Dr. Geeta Bora – Founder/Director - Spherule Foundation

PHd in Computer Science with work experience in the USA and India of 16 years. Global Goodwill Ambassador of India and representing our country’s international platforms also a Technocrat, Social Activist and Social Entrepreneur. Guinness World Record Holder and an Awardee of Pad Hero of India, Samaj Sevi Ratan and BD Sahitya Akademi Award for her book MoonTime.

Rhoma Bhatia – Executive Director/ Certified PoSH Enabler

With 16+ years of corporate experience in various Industries. Rich experience in Team Management, Client Management, Branding and Marketing. Connecting with CSR partners/ Donors across India and globally to implement their CSR goals. She assists in the accreditation and empanelment of NGO with various institutions. A Certified PoSH Enabler and External Member on IC panel in various organizations across India.

Do you have sexual discrimination in the workplace? Are you not comfortable at your workplace?

Awards, Recognition & Gallery

The Best NGO for their work on Gender Equality at Workplace of the Year 2022

Ms. Roma with Kiran Bedi

Social Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment

Guinness World Records

To know more about employee harassment policy in india and preventing harassment in the workplace

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