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Leading provider of POSH services in India
Helped over 100+ corporate clients understand and comply with POSH Act
Trained over 25,000 employees and over 3,000 ICC members
Range of interactive offline and online PoSH training programs for employees, ICC members, HR professionals, and senior management
Employee sensitizations module available in English and Hindi
ICC training at basic and advanced levels
Helping clients create a safer and more inclusive workplace
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About POSHHelp

PoSHHelp provides comprehensive services to help companies implement and comply with the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) Act in the workplace.

Promotes gender sensitivity and awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace through education, awareness trainings, and compliance assistance.

Expertise in dealing with complaints related to sexual harassment and in identifying accurate cases.

Strive to ensure fairness and neutrality in the implementation of POSH policies to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

Received numerous awards and accolades for work in promoting women's empowerment and awareness of prevention of sexual harassment at work.

Take a step today to prevent sexual harrasment at workplace

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Stop sexual harassment of women at workplace. Learn more about how we can help your company​

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Our Services for PoSH Act Compliance

POSH implementation planning

Draft & Review POSH Policy

Conduct Employee Awareness and Sensitization Sessions

PoSH training for Employees

PoSH training for ICC members

Internal Committee Formation

Appoint experienced external member from our NGO on your IC

Orientation session for all IC members

Inquiry based on Sexual Harassment Complaint

Provide Posters, Training Material and Templates

Assistance in Annual Report Filing for POSH Compliance

Counselling / Employee Assistance

e-PoSHHelp – Automated PoSH compliance

Ensure Compliance with the PoSH Act, Start work on sexual harassment prevention for employees now

About Founder

Dr. Geeta Bora – Founder/Director - Spherule Foundation

Geeta Bora is a PhD in Computer Science with 16 years of work experience in the USA and India. She is also a global goodwill ambassador, social activist, and social entrepreneur. Geeta is a Guinness World Record holder and has received numerous awards for her work in promoting women's empowerment and preventing sexual harassment at the workplace. As a passionate advocate for gender equality, she is dedicated to making a positive impact in the world.

Do you have sexual discrimination in the workplace? To implement a POSH policy in your workplace.

Awards, Recognition & Gallery

PoshHelp Award

The Best NGO for their work on Gender Equality at Workplace of the Year 2022

PoshHelp Award

Social Entrepreneurship and Women Empowerment

PoshHelp Award

PoSH training for employees at various companies

PoshHelp Award

PoSH training for employees at various companies

PoshHelp Training
PoshHelp Training
PoshHelp Training
PoshHelp Training

To know more about employee harassment policy in india and preventing harassment in the workplace

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