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The Government of India enacted the PoSH Act, 2013, with the goal of creating a safe workplace for women. Full form of PoSH is Prevention of Women from Sexual Harassment at Workplace. The act encompasses all aspects of the subject at hand, such as Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal. It gives women the mechanism to report and address sexual harassment complaints. It defines sexual harassment at the workplace comprehensively. The act has a broad coverage, which includes all women, irrespective of their work status, whether working in organized or unorganized, public or private sectors and regardless of hierarchy. Domestic workers are also included in the act. Details of the act could be read and understood in the FAQ section of the GoI website here..

What is SHe-Box (Sexual Harassment electronic Box)?
Indian government created SHe-Box, an online platform for women who experience sexual harassment at work to file a complaint. The platform is available for all women, regardless of where they work or what type of work they do. Women can use the platform to report the incident. After one submits the complaint, they send it to the relevant authority for further action. The platform provides a convenient way for women to report harassment incidents,  click here to register a complaint

To use the website, you need a valid email address. The process of registering a complaint, on SHe-Box is very easy. A confirmation message is sent to you once the complaint is submitted. The confirmation message includes a link where you can track the status of your complaint.

How to register a complaint in SHe-Box?

SHe-Box website also has many helpful resources, such as PoSH act details, its handbook, and videos, to help raise awareness about the PoSH act.

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